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Explore our world-class collection and discover the history of global communications and the people who made it happen. From the early days of the electric telegraph and undersea cables, to the invention of wireless, satellite, fibre optics and beyond.

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How the power of innovation is shaping the networks of tomorrow

Until recently, mobile coverage in beautiful Porthcurno – a place once considered the most connected valley on the planet – was intermittent. Today, thanks to mini mast technology, locals and visitors can enjoy 4G mobile data speeds of more than 200Mbps in this historic part of the country. Guest blogger for Commscope Kye Prigg, head of

The photograph shows Peter in our new fibre optic gallery with images of his colleague Charles Kao and other inventors in the background.PK Stories

Laser Pioneer visits Porthcurno

Last Monday we were joined by Peter Selway, former head of the STL laser programme and former colleague of Charles Kao, inventor of the optical fibre.

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1870: The Year We Made Contact

In 1870, the cable to India was laid.  But it wasn't the only thing to happen that year.  Our latest video explores the events of 1870, a year that brought the modern world closer.


Communication On the Street – New Video

Our Latest Video is About the Humble Police Box We have a new video on our YouTube channel, called ‘The Police Box – classic public communication on the street’.  It is part of a short series on communication before the wide-spread use of the telephone.  If you needed the police but the local station was


Citizen Curators Present . . .

Our Citizen Curator Tiffany Coates’ Video Inside our collections, there is a mysterious object: a digeridoo!  Follow Tiffany Coates as she attempts to uncover the secret of how it came to be in Porthcurno, and what a close examination of it can reveal! Watch the video, ‘A PK Mystery: the Digeridoo’ to learn more!


A Classic British Icon – the Red Telephone Box

Our Latest Video is on YouTube As part of our mini-series on classic public communication on the street, our latest video looks at the red telephone box, an icon of British design recognised across the world. We focus on the ‘K2’, which is recreated in the video using Blender software (that thumbnail image of a

PK Stories

Citizen Curator Video: Once Upon a Time

Citizen Curator Lucy Coyne’s Video Now Showing! Lucy Coyne’s video – the result of her involvement in the Citizen Curators programme – focuses on the impact of the cable station and engineering college in Porthcurno on local people.  It is a video full of interviews and stories.  Find out about milk-bottle throwing and little boy


Latest PK Videos on YouTube

Pillar Boxes, Telephone Boxes, and a Little Talk & Tea It has been an active month on the museum’s YouTube channel, with seven videos being uploaded in only three weeks.  These videos include ‘Talk & Tea’, created for an exhibition in our tunnels.  Between January to March 2019 pupils from St Buryan Academy Primary School


The Development of the Telephone Box

New Videos on the Museum’s YouTube Channel Communications are all around us and have revolutionised our lives.  In our mini-series on classic public communication on the street, we look at the development of the iconic British telephone box.   And in a supplemental video, we take a little look at the curious meeting between the

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The Medical Side of Porthcurno

Citizen Curator Explores Medicine at the College Citizen Curator Susan Kersley brings her knowledge of medical matters to an exploration of the medical issues encountered in Porthcurno during the years of the engineering college in a video.  It can be found on our YouTube channel. A unique exploration into an aspect of Porthcurno’s history, the

storylines, sennen school, communityPK Stories

Storylines and Sennen School Project

Inspired by the uniformed Messenger Boys, who delivered telegrams by bicycle or foot, children from Sennen School will become ‘Messengers,’ sharing their own stories and collecting stories from their families and friends.

PK Stories

Kids in Museums – Young Curator Blog

As the museum is closed for lockdown 2, Maeve Cushla, our Young Curator, spent this week photographing and researching the local songbirds around Porthcurno valley for the Kids in Museums takeover day. 

Plastic beach wastePK Stories

Protecting our coasts – Young Curator Blog

In the fifth of our Planet PK blogs, Young Curator, Maeve Cushla, looks at how we can protect our coasts from pollution through careful consideration of what we purchase, take to, and safely remove from a day at the beach.

Family learning

Play in a socially distanced world

PK Porthcurno was selected to take part in a Kids in Museums mentoring project that explored ways of bringing play into the museum, in a socially distanced world.

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Wave Action – Young Curator Blog

In our latest Planet PK blog, we look at the recent swell in Cornwall, and the potentially devastating effect these swells can have on our coastal landscape and coastal communities.

International Day of Women in SciencePK Stories

The Telcom Girls

To celebrate the International Day of Women in Science we highlight a groundbreaking unit of Cable & Wireless that launched with the first female employees to be stationed overseas.

PK Stories

Dark Sky – Young Curator Blog

In our latest Planet PK blog, we discuss our work with Penwith Landscape Partnership, Cornwall AONB and Cornwall Council in supporting the West Penwith application aiming to become an International Dark Sky Park.

Family learning

British Science Week 2021

It's British Science Week and we are looking at the advent of the electric telegraph - the precursor to today's internet!

Collections & archive

SES Digitisation project

Learn about the SES sponsored digitisation of 448 engineers reports from our archive that is being undertaken by the collections team.

Collections & archive


Sophie Meyer, Collections Cataloguer at PK Porthcurno unearths a mystery during some recent research in the photography archive.

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