PK Bubbles and Morse code go back to the future at Golowan

PK Bubbles and Morse code go back to the future at Golowan

Last Sunday we had a wonderful time delivering Pop-up activities at Golowan. We met lots of lovely people and ‘a blast – great fun’ as a couple we met said, playing with giant extraordinary eco bubbles, a competitive Morse Code Game and homemade Morse Code Alphabet Stamps.

Giant Extraordinary Bubbles 🫧

The bubbles created a fantastic atmosphere with kids shouting, ‘ bubbles v kids’ as they popped the bubbles followed by ‘ oh no bubbles are winning’ and ‘bubble tyranny’ jumping to pop a large bubble. The wind was so strong on the day that the bubbles floated all the way down to the fair! We had two buckets of bubble mixture and 6 large bubble wands for families to make their own bubbles. We had adults enjoying making bubbles as well as babies- it was fun for all ages! One mum commented ‘My 2 year loved playing with the bubbles. I won’t be able to drag her away, thank you’.

It was wonderful to see so much joy and silliness created by these bubbles. Next to us was the lovely Swamp circus crew whose juggling, stilts and hula hoops added to the bubble madness.

Morse Code Game

Alongside the bubbles, we had a Morse Code game created by the talented PK volunteer Chris Ridley who joined us for the day. From siblings to best friends and couples, the Morse Code Game speared everyone’s competitive side, wanting them to keep playing again and again until they won! The game works by having two stations at either end of a white LED light. Each station has a dot, dash and send button and a little screen that says what letter you need to type in Morse Code. If you type the letters in fastest you win, which is shown by coloured lights moving down a cable.

We met two boys who loved the game so much they played it a couple of times and then came back after the fair to have a re-match!

Morse code light game at Golowan

Morse Code Alphabet Stamps

As well as the game we had Morse Code alphabet stamps. It was amazing to see how many people loved learning about Morse Code.

I had carved the Morse Code alphabet into little lino blocks. Families could have a go at stamping them into an ink pad and writing out words in Morse Code. They really enjoyed writing their names in Morse Code.

Lewis age 6 ½ said his favourite activity was the stamps: ‘I liked doing my name on the stamps’. Much younger kids loved using the stamps to create abstract artwork too, which was inspiring to see how different ages liked to use them.

Meeting People

We really enjoyed meeting lots of new people and talking with them about the museum. We met nearly 200 people and gave out 100 free family vouchers to visit the museum. Almost everyone we met was local and either said how much they love the museum and would love to come again or have always wanted to go. As well as meeting new people, it was also great to see museum regulars who have come to PK activities before.

We also gave out PK Rainbow stickers which went down very well and Morgy postcards, making everyone want to come to PK and meet the giant red squid living in the gardens.

Thank you to all the lovely people we met, and the fantastic stream of magical bubbles you all created. The secret messages you sent, and to the wonderful team at Golowan who helped us tie down our Gazebo in the wind.

We look forward to Golowan next year and to getting equally covered in eco bubble mixture!

Alice Howard, Learning and Participation Facilitator

PK Bubbles and Morse code go back to the future at Golowan
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