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Museum of Global Communications

Museum of Global Communications

Discover a museum experience that explores the amazing story of our interconnected world, and how a tranquil valley in Cornwall became host to the past, present and future of worldwide communications.

FREE entry until March 2021, and enjoy a COVID safe visitor experience.

Going Underground new exhibition for 2019 at the Telegraph Museum Porthcurno, showing a digitised image of archive source, letter dated July 6th 1939 on the subject of protecting the Telegraph Station from World War Two threats.Collections & archive

Going Underground

New Exhibition for 2019 A collaborative project between Telegraph Museum Porthcurno and Geevor Tin Mine has created a unique presentation of sights, sounds and original archive material. The exhibition follows the building of the World War Two tunnels in Porthcurno. It uses letters and photographs from the time of construction, sourced from the Telegraph Museum

Photograph of Mr D Bradbury, Aden 1949 with wireless listening equipment to promote new exhibition I Spy: The Secret Listeners at Telegraph Museum Porthcurno.Exhibition

I Spy: The Secret Listeners

New exhibition for 2019 From 1st April find out about the role of the telegraph system in maintaining wartime secrecy, how it was used to spy on and intercept messages, at home and abroad, and how the Eastern Telegraph Company spied on Marconi’s early wireless tests. Cable vs Wireless Before the merger and creation of

Combination of smaller photographs showing museum staff at Quay Fair Day, Golowan 2019.Exhibition

Telegraph Museum on the Prom

Team Effort Staff and volunteers braved the crowds on Sunday to bring magic and morse code to Quay Fair Day, part of the Golowan celebrations in Penzance. The ‘Kids on the Prom’ is event is a favourite for local and visiting families and the museum presented activities exploring hidden messages and methods of communication. Spies

Family visiting Porthcurno Telegraph

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The PK Experience

Explore the science that made world communications possible, from the first undersea telegraph cables brought ashore at Porthcurno 150 years ago to the fascinating world of fibre optics. Discover how today’s digital communications are changing the world forever.

Porthcurno valley

Porthcurno Valley

Porthcurno, or ‘PK’ as it is known in telegraphic code, owes its unique heritage to the arrival of the first undersea telegraph cable in 1870. Learn more about PK’s extraordinary story and discover what else this amazing valley has to offer.




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