Planet PK

Wildlife / Natural Heritage / Sustainability / Wellbeing

Planet PK is our ongoing environmental programme at PK Porthcurno, formally recognising our duty of care as residents and landowners within the Valley, which is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Planet PK embeds green values within the charity’s future programming, engagement, and business plans to ensure that environmental concerns are central to every decision we make.

Photo: Maeve Cushla

Award Winners

Planet PK has twice been national winners of the Association for Cultural Enterprises Association Green Award. In 2022 we won for our Plastic Free Community work and Lights Out for Darker Skies exhibition. In 2020 we were celebrated for our work around wildflower planting, sustainable sourcing in the shop and café, installation of renewable energy, beekeeping, and habitat and wildlife protection on our site. Planet PK also won in 2020 at the Cornwall Heritage Awards, organised by the Cornwall Museum Partnership, and sponsored by Tevi, who acknowledged our ‘Contribution to the Environment and Circular Economy’ here at PK Porthcurno.


Everyone loves Porthcurno, from locals and tourists to film and TV producers, and it is not hard to see why! However, with such popularity comes a strain on the environment and infrastructure of what is not only a breath-taking beach, but a valley steeped in natural and cultural heritage. PK Porthcurno works very closely with the local National Trust on land management and endeavours to work with our neighbours, partners, local community, and visitors alike to ensure Porthcurno is enjoyed in the most sustainable way possible with wildlife and habitat protection placed at greatest importance.

Photo: Ellie Smart

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Read our Planet PK Young Curator’s Blog

Our Planet PK blog starts with photographer Maeve Cushla (@rainonlens_) who will be documenting her experiences of nature within Porthcurno Valley.

Header image credit: Ellie Smart

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