Explore the Museum

Explore the museum, from the discovery of electricity and Morse code to fibre optics and the future technology of today.

Our award-winning museum combines the wonder of science with amazing histories and tales of human endeavour from around the globe, right here where the story of communications began.

Eastern House

Today Eastern House forms a major part of the PK Porthcurno experience. When you explore the museum you will discover its spacious gallery that houses a series of interactive exhibits and displays which illustrate the story of our communications revolution, while in our demonstration zone staff discuss and demonstrate some of the museum’s original working equipment.

From its construction in 1904, Eastern House was at the heart of the Porthcurno telegraph station site. After World War Two the building was refurbished, extended, and opened as a training school. In 1970, exactly 100 years after the arrival of the first cable, the telegraph station closed, but the training school remained open until 1993.

World War II Bunker

Go underground and explore the top-secret bunker that hid the Porthcurno Telegraph Station in World War Two, where Allied communications were protected by armed guards and bomb-proof doors. 120 steps were chopped through solid granite, built in case the telegraph station was invaded by enemy forces.

Find out how the war transformed the valley and the lives of the people who lived and worked here. Come and see the unexploded bomb that fell on a Porthcurno farm and hear stories of the Cable and Wireless staff who worked at Porthcurno and at cable stations around the world and discover the daring work needed to keep cable ships operating and discover the important role telegrams played in the war.


The Cable Hut

The one-of-a-kind Cable Hut is complete with original features and fittings. It contains the world’s largest collection of historic telegraph cables and termination boxes.

Pk Porthcurno volunteer giving a talk

Museum Talks

Immerse yourself in our captivating expert talks, where our museum staff provide insightful explanations and live demonstrations of our original working equipment.

Featured Exhibitions

Our featured exhibitions showcase captivating works and collaborations with renowned organisations and institutions from around the world.

Sub-tropical Gardens

Maintained by our award-winning gardener Paddy, relax in our beautiful sub-tropical gardens and enjoy our wildflower planting scheme, which was created as part of our work with the Eden Project to increase biodiversity in the valley.

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