Learning resources

Our STEAM resources are a great way of engaging the kids (and adults), in learning about science through some fun and creative activities. Our activities use materials that are commonly found around the home.

If you have any questions about the activities, please contact our Learning Facilitator (Science), Paul Tyreman; paul.tyreman@pkporthcurno.com.

Make the most out of your visit to PK Porthcurno with our downloadable learning resources that you can use before or after a visit, whether you are visiting as a school group or independently.

Use our resources to familiarise your group with the science and technology of communications and some of the objects they will see when they are here, or use them for activities in the galleries and follow-up work back at school or at home.

Make your own Code Wheel

Calling all secret agents! Create your own code wheel and communicate hidden messages to your friends and family.

Algorithm Art

Explore how decorative patterns can be made using very simple mathematical rules.

Jelly Baby Waves

Explore how waves behave using items that you might already have at home. If you wash your hands and keep things clean, you can even eat some of your experiment afterwards!

Magnificent Morse Machine

Make a magnificent Morse machine to read the hidden message within morse code.

Make a PK Rocket

Learn how to make and control a small rocket using materials from home.

Make a Bird Feeder

The local wild birds will surely thank you for taking the time to make a Bird Feeder out of toilet roll and other items you may have at home.

Make a Kaleidoscope

Build a simple kaleidoscope and explore colours and reflections.

Scavenger Hunt

This trail presents items to find as you tour the museum.

Build and Float a Cable Ship

Create your own paper boat and learn about buoyancy, and how steel ships, such as cable laying and cable repair ships, float in water, despite their weight.

Create a Secret Message

Can you create a message and get a friend or family member to crack your code, and reveal the message?

Fold and Fly a paper plane

Investigate how things fly in the air and then make your own paper plane and see how it flies!

Make a Sundial

Create your own sundial using our instructions – does it tell the same time as your watch?

Make a Whitsun Bird

To celebrate Whitsun we have created created a bird craft activity to do at home.

Crack the Cornish Morse Code

Celebrating Speak Cornish Week, we have a Morse code challenge that teaches Cornish and Morse Code!

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