Presentation of Exiles Golf Society Trophies

Presentation of Exiles Golf Society Trophies

President and Captain of the Exiles Golf Society, Peter Burleigh, today presented the museum with a treasured collection of trophies spanning nearly 100 years. The Exiles Golfing Society was formed in 1922 with a contribution from John Denison-Pender Esq MP. The club was further subsidised by Cable and Wireless for enjoyment by staff and associated companies ‘to maintain good fellowship’.

Extended Family 

Professor Gareth Parry welcomed Peter and a large group of previous members, many having a direct association with the training college previously located at Porthcurno. The collection is a fantastic example of the close relationship between the company and its staff. From the early days of the company, Cable and Wireless treated staff as an extended family as documented in the extensive museum archives.

Treasured Collections

The afternoon was full of cordial reminiscence and the telegraph museum is proud to be entrusted with such a generous donation. You can find more information on the history of Cable and Wireless and associated collections here.

Presentation of Exiles Golf Society Trophies
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