My Porthcurno Photography Competition

My Porthcurno Photography Competition

Our fantastic Community Photography Competition is back for 2019. This year we want you to capture the best of our collections. Our objects tell a unique story starting with the 1870 Cable that connected Great Britain with India. Porthcurno grew to become the largest telegraph station in the world and during WW2 the station was moved into tunnels blasted from the granite cliffs. In 1970 the training college arrived at PK preparing staff for an international career travelling the globe.

Marvellous Collections

Our collections range from intriguing social items to advanced mechanical systems and span nearly 150 years of communications history. We also have extensive grounds and external buildings including our fascinating Cable Hut, home to the shore-ends of undersea cables. Our sub-tropical gardens are beautifully developed and a haven for aeoniums, bromeliads, echiums and similar varieties of hardy tropicals.

One entry per person, with special offers and events during the competition which runs until 8pm Sunday 10th March 2019. As a funded Community Photography Competition, we are looking for entries from residents of Cornwall only. All who enter will also get a ‘Free Drink on Us’ voucher for use in our lovely museum café.

All suitable entries will feature in a special community exhibition within our museum, with the winning photographs to be announced on Facebook at 11am Monday 18th March 2019.


This year we have two main categories determined by age: Adult and Young People (under 17).

Within these groupings we are looking for black and white or colour photography that captures the museum’s unique history and identity. It’s worth noting that we won’t be looking for beach photography or photos of the wider valley this year.

  1. Black and White – We would like to see shots with beautiful tonal range and confident composition. Our low-light galleries pose a challenge as flash is restricted, so take your time and enjoy looking for that perfect shot. For external shots, we’ve got buildings with imposing presence and many architectural plants in our sub-tropical gardens.
  2. Colour – With striking colour on the walls of our Eastern House galleries you can create some really dynamic compositions. The rich tones of the telegraph system with its copper and mahogany also offer fantastic opportunities for stunning colour photographs. Within our grounds we’ve got flowers and foliage of all colours.

For those who enter we are offering a First prize and Commended position. We also offer all who enter a place within our exhibition*.

*Subject to permissions, the museum reserves the right to withdraw any entry on grounds of inappropriate nature.

How to Enter in three easy steps:

  1. Send your photograph to and title your file with your first name and surname. i.e. joebloggs.jpg or joebloggs.tiff
  2. Fill in the online form at ­ to make sure you are in for a prize.
  3. Check your email for your ‘Free Drink on Us’ voucher and keep an eye on Facebook for news of prizes and competition events.

Your Entry:

Entries will only be accepted in either jpg or tiff file format.

The minimum and maximum size for each entry should be no smaller than 2MB and no larger than 5MB.

Please do not submit a photograph unless you hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder.

Any photograph submitted without an entry form or after 8pm Sunday 10th March 2019 will not be considered for a prize.

If you have analogue photographic material such as a paper photograph, 35mm film, medium format slide or other format, contact for further details of how to enter.

As a thank you for entering we will email you a ‘Free Drink on Us’ voucher for the museum’s café within 14 days of your entry being submitted.

Paper Entry Forms can be downloaded here: My Porthcurno Entry Form 2019

Full Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here: My Porthcurno Terms and Conditions 2019


My Porthcurno Photography Competition
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