National Apprenticeship Week 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

For National Apprenticeship Week I thought it would be nice to share a little bit about my first year at PK Porthcurno, you can find the blog from when I first started here.

Over the past year, I have been at PK Porthcurno Museum of Global Communications as a digital marketing apprentice. Although it has been a hectic period of bouncing between lockdowns and restrictions, within the last twelve month’s I’ve been engrossed within the rich history of PK, the stories surrounding the telecommunication world, and worked alongside some very knowledgeable and friendly staff and volunteers.

So what do I do in my role? In my role I have the luxury of having a varied job where there’s always something new to create, learn and enjoy. From researching the archives to find content to share online, taking images for the Online PK Shop or editing videos for exhibitions – that’s only a snippet of what I get up to at PK Porthcurno.

Hidden History

Tucked away in this little cove hiding in plain sight has been a story so rich in history and revolutionary technical achievements. And I had no idea. Once known as the communications hub of the world, Porthcurno laid the foundations of communication and continues its involvement today. Messaging has come a long way since the origins of Morse code. Many of the principles established within the late 1800s still make up the groundwork of technology today, from the dots and dashes of Morse code the equivalent to the 1’s and 0’s of computer code. Or the thousands of miles of Telegraph cable once stretching from Porthcurno to India and the rest of the world now replaced with underwater fiber optics providing us with instant worldwide communication, music streaming, and video streaming.

So much of what we take for granted in our day-to-day lives may not have been the same if it wasn’t for Porthcurno.

The Highlights

The thing that sticks out for me the most at PK Porthcurno is the sense of community within the establishment – everybody is always looking to help others and achieve the best results. There is also the feeling that the museum represents more than just the local history of Porthcurno but global communications. The story just begins at PK. There’s also the unreal scenery, I fully understand why visitors travel from all around the country to visit this amazing location.

A valley of seemingly untapped potential, I’m very excited to see how PK expands over the next few years with new attractions, exciting exhibitions, and new stories to share.

The Experience

My time so far has been very rewarding, I’ve had the opportunity to work under some amazing people whose knowledge in marketing has elevated my skillset. I also have the creative freedom to experiment with different ideas and create content that I am proud of and worked hard to grow our social media status and following. As a graduate of the University of South Wales, I have learned that no amount of teaching can prepare you for the workplace as an apprenticeship does.

I’ve always believed that it’s best to learn by doing, working, and learning within the workplace is the best way forward. In addition to working within my role, I also have had the opportunity to reach out and work with others. These include things like helping with the beach cleans hosted by Planet PK, working with the schools and groups with the engagement team, and even creating print and video resources to be used within the museum exhibitions.

Digital Peninsula Network

The education provided by DPN has undoubtedly given me the improved knowledge and situational awareness needed in a role such as marketing. DPN has allowed me to engage with people from all different backgrounds and work sectors to share and collaborate on a range of ideas, methods, and theories. Second-hand experiences from different workplaces such as gin distilleries, exercise programs, and even law firms have provided me with the chance to view operations within a sector other than museums.

I would personally recommend to anyone who is looking for a change in career path or to gain further experience in another to research any related apprenticeship schemes. There’s nothing quite like learning with the experts within your field and utilising your skill set to bring new and exciting ideas to the business.

Josh Deacon, Digital Marketing Apprentice, PK Porthcurno

National Apprenticeship Week 2022
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