Mindfulness in Porthcurno

Mindfulness in Porthcurno

For Mental Health Awareness Week we are happy to share this guest blog and beautiful mindfulness video by filmmaker Alban Roinard:

“When I had the honour to be commissioned by PK Porthcurno to make a film about mindfulness, I had several ideas but didn’t know where to start. There is a lot about mindfulness, I’ve seen and heard the latest trend about mental health and the importance of its meaning. But somehow it felt a little challenging – telling stories you’re seeing from the top of the mountain.

From a formal meditative practice to the pure awareness of every moment that we live in, and the narrative in between. Because PK Porthcurno is situated in remote and outrageously beautiful scenery, it wasn’t too difficult to imagine a video, but for another aspect, another emotion.

The harduous journey about the cycle of breathing.
To capture and display that rythmic space – to let go. No judgemental decision but to follow the natural way.

To acknoledge the path and the space I was passing by.
The light to my eyes under a variety of shapes that slowly opened to me, waves, gorse flowers and undistinctive shadows moving before my body.”

Wanted to be calm, serene and in a cycle.
Went for a walk in the valley.
Just simply following the steps. Felt easy.
Gave me time to think. And then to breathe.
Again. With a camera. A drone and my whole body.
Sat by a rock. Sat by a tree. And smell.
The surrounding provide a whole story.

Such incredible elements telling about being alive.
Being present, being part of it – very simply.
Whole awareness.

This for me.
From above the trees looks like lungs,
and beneath the rocks like water.
A fragile contrast. Relation.
Elemental Health.

Video and blog by Alban Roinard
Music by Jamie Mills
Cover image by Maeve Cushla

Mindfulness in Porthcurno
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