Meet Morgy – The Giant Communications Squid

Meet Morgy – The Giant Communications Squid

Meet Morgy the newest member of a family of giant sea creatures invented by artists’ collective ‘Moradavaga’.*

Who is Morgy?

The creation of Morgy was originally inspired by Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The novel was published in 1870 – the same year that the first submarine telegraph cable landed on Porthcurno beach, connecting Britain with India and the beginning of Porthcurno’s rich history of global communications.

What can Morgy do?

He’s an interactive communications tool which works in much the same way as the tin-can phones that our grandparents used to play with. Try speaking into and listening at the end of each tentacle… what will you hear in return?

Unlike other mythical sea monsters, Morgy is  super friendly. All he wants is to connect people from all places, ages and walks of life in a playful way.

two children speaking inot the tentacles of a giant red squid sculpture in the PK Porthcurno Gardens.

Where can I find Morgy?

Look out for the giant red squid making himself at home within our gardens at the front of the museum.

Follow the signs and find him for yourself, he’s hard to miss!

*Moradavaga (from the Portuguese words for ‘vague address’) is a collective born from the collaboration of architects Manfred Eccli (Bolzano, Italy) and Pedro Cavaco Leitão (Porto, Portugal). Intersecting architecture, art and design, our works function as ‘dormant tools’ in a waiting status, requiring user’s engagement to activate them.

Meet Morgy – The Giant Communications Squid
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