PK Porthcurno at Cornwall Pride 🏳️‍🌈

PK Porthcurno at Cornwall Pride 🏳️‍🌈

At the end of last month, we had a wonderful time at Truro History Pride. We really enjoyed sharing our secret code activity, talking about the history of global communications, and meeting lots of friendly people. Learn more about Cornwall Pride here

Positive Pride Messages

The activity we shared was making a Morse code art rubbing. Before the day, I had carved Morse code messages into Lino sheets. The messages were ‘Love is Love’, ‘Equal Rights’ and ‘Cornwall Pride,’ and they were all in Morse code dots and dashes. People could lay a piece of white paper over the carving, and using colourful crayons make their own artwork to take home. 

Pride Flag Colours

It was great to see people making the rubbings their own. We saw lots of rainbow rubbings, as well as ones in the colours of different pride flags. While people took part it was an opportunity to get to know new people and tell them about our museum. We gave out free postcards of Morgy- our giant communications squid that is free to play with in our museum gardens. Lots of people mentioned they had seen this online and wanted to visit in person.

Decoding the messages

Families loved decoding the messages and using the Morse code alphabet to figure out what each word was, letter by letter. One parent said: ” The children loved doing a rubbing of a coded message of love, thank you“. The children really enjoyed watching the messages appear as they filled their paper with wonderful colours. 

Rainbow stickers

We had PK logo rainbow stickers made to hand out which were very popular. People loved covering their arms, hands, and clothes in them. We had children stick them on their hats and one family covered the back of their buggy in them. We also gave out free family entry vouchers to PK Porthcurno to many people on the day. One family said: “We will be down to visit the museum when the season is a little quieter“.

Pride Atmosphere

Being surrounded by lots of inspiring stalls at Pride created a fantastic atmosphere. We were positioned next to Queer Kernow who did a brilliant pirate activity, kids would often do both activities one after the other. A lovely family we met said, ” What an amazing day, came with four grandchildren and they had a wonderful time, everything free and every stall wonderful“.

We loved meeting lots of new people and sharing a fun activity. Thank you to everyone that came and to the fantastic organisers and volunteers of Cornwall Pride. We hope to go again!

PK Porthcurno at Cornwall Pride 🏳️‍🌈
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