The 2021 Citizen Curators (CC) worked as part of an exciting project titled PK150 Connected Collections, funded by Arts Council England. All of the CC were students at Exeter University partnered with an international student based globally at locations associated with telegraphy that included India, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Portugal and Australia.

PK150 Connected Collections enabled remote access to the PK archive and to explore it from new perspectives. It was part of a larger project to create a searchable online database for the PK Porthcurno website. This will be launched in December 2021.

The students presented their work at on online symposium on 10 September, 2021. A link to a recording of the symposium is below.

Project outcomes are shared below.

New Zealand Telegraph Interactive Map

The map has been created using information found in the PK Archives and material sourced elsewhere. Subjects including colonisation, sacrality, gold-mining, and naval activity are illustrated through points on the map and cumulatively show a snapshot of the telegraph, and activity associated with it, in Aotearoa New Zealand.


The Naval Shipworm

Jay Hollis explores how the naval shipworm (Teredo navalis) had an intricate part to play in the history of telegraphy. Jay also shares his blog series STRANDS created as part of his research into the PK Archive.

A vintage image of BombayPK150

India Then & Now

Hannah and Rutvi have created the film India Then & Now, a short film exploring the impact of the telegraph system on language use in India.

PK Stories

The Languages of Telegraphy

Citizen curator Hannah Reeves, researched the Marconi Map, created in 1917. The map is colour coded to show the language most used for communications in each country.

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