PK Porthcurno joins South West Coast Path Way Makers

PK Porthcurno joins South West Coast Path Way Makers

We are proud to support the South West Coast Path Association (SWCPA) as a Way Maker Friend and to join over 300 other Way Maker businesses and organisations helping to preserve the Coast Path. The SWCPA hopes that the Way Maker scheme will give businesses an opportunity to attract new customers, whilst generating much needed support and funding for the Coast Path, which is facing increasing challenges due to coastal erosion, climate change and increased footfall.

Supporting the South West Coast Path

Today, in recognition of the fragility of our environment we are delighted to work with our neighbours and partners to protect and conserve this unique valley through our Planet PK environmental programme. Working collaboratively with charities such as the SWCPA is one way that we can help raise awareness of not only our commitment to the local environment, but also our commitment to sharing the landscape in a responsible and safe way with the many visitors that enjoy Porthcurno and the charm of the Coast Path on our doorstep.

Facts about the South West Coast Path

As part of the longest National Trail in the country, the South West Coast Path is 50 years in the making and 630 miles long. It is used by 9 million trail-users annually, with this forecast to increase significantly in 2021. There are over 30,000 steps and over 4,000 way markers on the path. As a charity, the SWCPA relies on support from those that walk the path, businesses located on the path, as well as landowners and neighbours to monitor and maintain the path for the safety and enjoyment for all that use it.

Walking helps to maintain heath and well-being during the pandemic

Maintaining health and well-being has been important during the Covid-19 pandemic, with millions of people embracing the great outdoors. Strava, the leading social platform for the sports and active community with 73 million users, noted that outdoor walks in the UK increased by a third in 2020. For those that were able to access the coast path, 83% said that they felt more connected to nature whilst on the Coast Path. The South West Coast Path is a valuable connector between the sea, coast and land, and its preservation is vital.

“Discovering the local heritage of an area is such an important part of the great South West Coast Path experience for visitors.  The trail is packed full of interesting coastal history – which is why we love having attractions like PK Porthcurno as Way Makers along the route to bring this to life. We direct those who start their Coast Path journey with us to our local Way Makers, so that local attractions, businesses and coastal communities can benefit from the £520 million these visitors bring into the tourism economy every year. In return, Way Makers like PK Porthcurno help us to fulfil one of our key aims as a charity to share the Path and help people enjoy the benefits of spending time on it, whilst also raising awareness of our role to champion, protect and care for the Path. It’s a great way of working collaboratively to look after our National Trail, which is one of the region’s most important environmental and tourism assets.”

Sarah Gunn, Business Engagement, South West Coast Path Association

Welcoming Walkers in 2021

We welcome walkers to PK Porthcurno and have great pleasure in inviting them to share in the heritage embedded in this remarkable coastal valley. Joining as a Way Maker Friend, supporting the SWCPA, and working collaboratively with our neighbours and partners, will help to protect the Coast Path for not only ourselves and future generations, but also the wildlife that call it home.

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PK Porthcurno joins South West Coast Path Way Makers
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