Sundial STEAM activity

Sundial STEAM activity

Our STEAM activity for May is looking at a very early method of measuring time.

How is this activity related to PK Porthcurno?

Parts of the telegraph system relied on very precise timing. A sundial isn’t very accurate, but it is an important step in how people first began to understand how to measure time. It needs the kind of careful building skills that the telegraph engineers used in looking after the delicate equipment.

Did you know?

The sundial you can create using our instructions below is built for use near Penzance, although it will be reasonably good anywhere in the UK. It will probably show a time that’s different to the one your clock or watch shows. There are several reasons for this. Can you think of some?

Download the instructions to create your own sundial!

As always, we would love to see your efforts – feel free to share on our social media channels.

We hope to see you in real life soon – keep an eye on our social media and website!

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Sundial STEAM activity
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