Porthcurno Then & Now Videos

Porthcurno Then & Now Videos

On our YouTube channel, we have two short films comparing the Porthcurno of yesteryear to today.  Why not have a watch?  If you once trained in Porthcurno, you might see something familiar.

Porthcurno Then & Now

Features Western House, Howitt House, and Eastern House.

More Porthcurno Then & Now

In this video, we see the tennis courts, the car-park, Zodiac House, and the ballerina Kristel Karnilova on Porthcurno beach in 1950.

For more short films and archival films, visit our YouTube channel.  You can find films on the laying of the cable to India, an Eastern Telegraph Company primer, short histories of various cable-ships, documentaries from our archive such as ‘Apollo in Ascension’ and ‘Training for Tomorrow’, and much more.

Porthcurno Then & Now Videos
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