Poetry Postie @ Pawthcurno 2019

Poetry Postie @ Pawthcurno 2019

Even dogs can write poetry!

Come along to Pawthcurno on Sunday and have a chance to meet the Poetry Postie who will be showing that even your dog can write poetry (or pawtry perhaps!)

Arts for Health

The Poetry Postie (aka international poet and children’s author Sally Crabtree) has been delivering poetic inspiration to the nation and beyond – including to the United Nations – and thanks to recent Arts Council England funding she has now set up the world’s first Postal Service of Happiness which aims to create happier, 1st class communities.

She explains how the idea originated: ‘On my rounds I was shocked by the levels of isolation I discovered and wanted to find a way to tackle such a problem. Aristotole said that “Happiness is the ultimate end and purpose of human existence.” and yet so many people nowadays experience a sadness and loneliness of being. I wanted to re-kindle a happiness for living and bring a smile back to the community.’

Postal Service of Happiness

We are inviting doggies and their owner to be part of the Postal Service of Happiness, to help us deliver happiness on their daily walks. At Pawthcurno you can find out more about how to get involved and how even your dog can be pawet!

Sally will be joining Pawthcurno on Sunday, creating pawtry postcards and Sing-O-Grams to get any tail wagging and doggie themed parcels of happiness.



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Poetry Postie @ Pawthcurno 2019
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