PK Porthcurno 2020 Rebrand

PK Porthcurno 2020 Rebrand

Telegraph Museum Porthcurno is rebranding in celebration of 150 years since the PK to India telegraph cable.

Museum of Global Communications
The new name PK Porthcurno comes from the old station handle ‘PK’ used by telegraphers when communicating from station to station.

From the development of the telegraph system in the early 1800s through to the undersea fibre optic networks of today, global communications continue to change. PK Porthcurno continues to grow, embracing its rich history alongside the dazzling ingenuity of communications developments.

Porthcurno Valley
Selected for its geographical uniqueness and suitability, Porthcurno beach has been the safe haven of communications cables for 150 years. Since the establishment of the cable station in 1870, the valley has continually changed, with the community of staff, students and their growing families.

Today the valley is home to a different community of residents, staff and visitors. The mixture of heritage and culture with outstanding natural beauty make Porthcurno a popular global destination.

PK Porthcurno
The museum of global communications is embedded in the past, present and future of both the heritage we care for and the environment we enjoy.

Over the next year you will see new digital projects to expand the user experience and the future of collections both online and on site. You will also see an ever-greater commitment to our environmental responsibilities through our practice as a museum and our connection to the landscape.

In our 150th anniversary year we will be celebrating the very beginning of our story and the origins of Porthcurno and global communications as we know it today.

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PK Porthcurno 2020 Rebrand
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