The Atlas Of Great Journeys

The Atlas of Great Journeys allows readers to follow in the footsteps of the most daring adventurers as they set out to explore the unknown. Fascinating original map illustrations show the world’s greatest journeys, and lavishly illustrated fact pages tell the stories of each expedition – what dangers they faced, how long they travelled, and much more.

As well as amazing illustrated maps and stories, this book has a unique Augmented Reality component that magically brings these journeys to life. Use your tablet or phone on each map spread to trace the routes they took and read about every stage of their journeys.

Author: Philip Steele

Publisher: Welbeck (2020)

Hardback: 48 pages

Reading Age: 8 years and up

ISBN: 9781783125104

The Atlas Of Great Journeys: The Story Of Discovery In Amazing Maps
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