PK Porthcurno Volunteers Booklets Series



PK Porthcurno Volunteers Booklets Series

A series of 14 lovingly authored booklets from our much-appreciated group of museum volunteers. Subjects range from telegraphy history, technical information and wartime espionage.

The series includes the following booklets. Please select each booklet that you would like to purchase.

William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) and Cable Telegraphy
Author: John Packer

Cable Borers: A facsimile of a paper from the journal of the Society of Telegraph Engineers
Author: N/A

Two Tone Telegraphy: Morse with a difference
Author: John Packer

The Construction and Laying of Submarine Cables
Author: Charles Bright FRSE, MIEE

A Nerve Centre of Empire: Work & Play at the largest cabling centre in the world: From the Syren and Shipping 4th January 1911
Author: N/A

Timelines of Telegraphy
Author: John Moyle

The Spies at Wireless Point: The Eastern Telegraph Co. and Marconi’s early wireless experiments in Cornwall at Poldhu and Bass Point
Author: John E Packer FRGS

The Thomson Siphon Recorder: From the archives
Author: N/A

Stupendous Engine: The First Fifty years of Telegraphy
Author: Hugh Barty-King

A Technical Hors d’oeuvre: Supplement to Changing Places for visitors with a more technical background: Revised Edition
Author: John Moyle

Porthcurno in Wartime: A History by W.F.A. Bell (Telegraph Station Superintendent in 1945)
Author: N/A

Morse Telephones: Vibrating Telegraphs and Combined Field Telephone/Telegraph Sets
Author: John Packer

Messages Under The Sea: The Romance of Cornish Cable Communications
Author: J E Packer FRGS

PLUTO: PipeLine Under The Ocean
Author: A J Clements

PK Porthcurno Volunteers Booklets Series

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William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) and Cable Telegraphy, Cable Borers, Two Tone Telegraphy, The Construction and Laying of Submarine Cables, A Nerve Centre of Empire, Timelines of Telegraphy, The Spies at Wireless Point, The Thomson Siphon Recorder, Stupendous Engine, A Technical Hors d’oeuvre, Porthcurno in Wartime, Morse Telephones, Messages Under The Sea, PLUTO

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