My STEM Day: Technology



My STEM Day: Technology

Entertaining your curious Key Stage 1 child at home is easy with My STEM Day, which is packed with experiments, projects and activities for readers to try at home.

How does a radio work? What’s inside a light bulb? How can machines read barcodes? My STEM Day – Technology is perfect for children as young as 5 and explains everything about the gadgets and machines you come across in everyday life.

Taking you from waking up in the morning through to the last thing at night, you’ll find out how technology powers many of the interactions of the average day. Every page is filled with amazing original illustrations which communicate technology concepts in a way that’s easy to grasp. Plus there are a host of experiments, projects and activities to try at home – making learning easy for parents and children.

Author: Nancy Dickmann

Publisher: Carlton Books Limited (2019)

Paperback: 64 pages

ISBN: 9781783124282

My STEM Day: Technology
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