Listening To The Enemy



Listening To The Enemy: War Comes to a Cornish Village – St Erth Radio Station 1939-1964

If you take the road out of St Erth and travel up the hill towards St Erth Praze, you could easily miss, on your right, a dilapidated single storey concrete building. It is in a field close by the edge of the road. This is the guard/generator hut of a very secret and important MI6 Radio Listening Station. Together with its sister sites across the country, it had a profound effect on the outcome of World War 2.

Listening to the Enemy is a fascinating story of the Bletchley Park outstation. Over several years, Mike Griffiths has painstakingly researched the origins and purpose of this site. His father, Harry, was a radio operator at the station throughout the war and he recorded many of his contacts in a little black nook – his ‘Code Book’. This book – full of German and Italian radio nets, brevity codes and Double Agent call signs, encapsulates the role of Bletchley Park; the home of the Codebreakers.

St Erth Radio Station and its sister sites were quite literally the ears of Bletchley Park.

Author: Michael Griffiths

Publisher: Bretonside Copy, Plymouth (2022)

Paperback: 132 pages

ISBN: 9781739889005

Listening To The Enemy
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