‘Oceans Will Not Divide Us’ Morse Code Blanket – Recycled Brushed Cotton Blanket

A unique and exclusive collaboration between PK Porthcurno and Atlantic Blankets, Perranporth. Only available from PK Porthcurno.

This recycled brushed cotton blanket is woven on both sides with a Morse Code version of the English translation of The Exiles Club Latin motto, Oceanus Non Dissociat: ‘Oceans Will Not Divide Us’.

Exiles was the name the Porthcurno telegraph workers gave themselves and dates back to 1870 and the first cable landing in Porthcurno. Coming mainly from urban backgrounds, they found themselves “exiled” in this remote Cornish valley and then “exiled” again to various distant telegraph stations around the world. Their motto reflects not only the service they provided through the telegraph cable network, but also a sense of global community and connectedness.

We’ve chosen a colour combination of cream and deep teal, with a vibrant yellow edge stitch. The blanket is sustainably made in England.

Standard Size: 160cm x 110cm

75% recycled cotton, 25% other fibres (viscose and acrylic from recycled T-shirts).

Atlantic Blankets x PK Porthcurno Collaboration – ‘Oceans Will Not Divide Us’ – Morse Code Blanket
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