The SAS Millionth Mile Week Beach Clean

The SAS Millionth Mile Week Beach Clean

It was a misty early morning start for our Surfers Against Sewage Million Mile Beach Clean as we again joined this brilliant national campaign and helped SAS to reach their goal of one million miles of beaches, rivers, mountains, and streets cleaned in 2021. PK Porthcurno staff were joined by dedicated local residents for the clean which also included an unexpected rescue!

Another Successful Beach Clean

Overall, the beach was much cleaner than usual, with the summer holiday crowds having gone home, but still some troubling bits of litter and micro-plastics lay strewn across the shoreline, hidden in hedges and behind rocks.

With the stormy seas we had that day, it would have been very easy for this litter to have been swept out and lost at sea, inevitably ending up in the food chain.

After a lot of clambering around and searching for little bits of litter, we ended up with several bags of discarded plastics, cardboard and tin cans which were then transferred into black bags for proper waste disposal – unfortunately due to being outside and getting weathered and soiled by the elements, this litter largely cannot be recycled!

An Unexpected Rescue Mission

The beach clean took an unexpected turn when we were made aware of an injured gannet sitting on the beach, seemingly unbothered by everyone’s presence and very lethargic, it was clear that something was wrong – we just aren’t sure what!

Luckily some volunteer BDMLR Marine Medics were close by and managed to successfully rescue the bird and put it safely into a box where it could be transported for medical help. We then drove the gannet to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital/ Sanctuary where they took it in. It is unclear exactly what is wrong with it at this time, but it could be an injury or cataracts formed from the pressure of the deep diving they use to hunt. Either way, we hope they’re feeling better!

Thank you to everyone who got involved with the beach cleans, it wouldn’t be possible without your help! 

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Maeve Cushla, Young Curator, PK Porthcurno

Header Photo: Maeve Cushla

Images: Maeve Cushla

The SAS Millionth Mile Week Beach Clean
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