A look back at Summer 2023

A look back at Summer 2023

What an incredible summer 2023 at PK Porthcurno!

Our visitors, rain or shine, dove into a world of family-friendly fun. It was a season filled with memorable experiences and learning opportunities for all ages. Here’s a closer look at the highlights:

🚤 Cable Ship Race

Our summer weeks began with Mae and Maeve guiding racers through the golden sands of Porthcurno Beach. Sometimes getting very competitive, it was all about the thrill of the race. We didn’t let the unpredictable weather deter us, and when the beach wasn’t an option, visitors had a blast racing cable ships through our museum’s historic collection.

🔧 Cable Ship Build

Tuesdays were all about unleashing creativity. Mae set up near Morgy the Giant Squid for a hands-on workshop where you could build your very own cable ship. Drawing inspiration from the captivating images found in our collections and your museum visit, you crafted a delightful array of colourful ships. What’s more, some of you ingeniously encoded secret messages within the ships’ flags.

🎨 Circle Painting

Wednesdays were marked by collaborative artistry. Many of you joined us in creating a large-scale artwork to celebrate the beauty of Morse code’s dots and dashes. We used found materials and other inventive tools to craft our brushes and stamps, resulting in a masterpiece that reflects the creativity of our community.

🏛️ Mini PK Tours

 Paul, our encyclopedic Learning Facilitator, was put to the test as eager young minds fired questions at him. Families had the privilege of exploring the museum under his expert guidance, delving into the rich history of global communications.

We had a wonderful and busy time this summer! It was great to see all the wonderful creations you made in the boat building and circle painting activities and to enjoy engaging with locals and holiday makers alike. I think my favourite part was possibly two separate families on holiday who joined forces to play an exhilarating game of the Cable Ship race down on Porthcurno beach.

Mae Voogd, Learning & Participation Facilitator

Despite the wet weather, we all had an amazing summer, testing out new ideas, creating visually stunning masterpieces, and meeting many wonderful families along the way. Be sure to keep up to date with us during the holiday periods for new activities and events heading our way. We can’t wait to share more adventures with you soon!

A look back at Summer 2023
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