Let’s Play – Trelya took over PK!

Let’s Play – Trelya took over PK!

We were thrilled to recently work with a group of Young People from Trelya for our Kids in Museums Digital Takeover Day!

Trelya is an award-winning charity working to enable positive change in West Cornwall’s most under resourced communities, working with children, young people, and families.

A small group of young people from Trelya were invited to visit PK Porthcurno in June 2023. Following this they worked together each week with local musician Matt Thomason to develop a playful, musical response to their visit in the form of a song, linking to the Kids in Museums theme ‘Let’s Play’, making this a very special digital takeover for us.

Matt Thomason wrote:

“We wanted to incorporate lots of the inspiring forms of communication that we experienced at the museum, and we used the telegram messages on display to form the basis of our lyrics (see ‘love will find a way Sparrow’). We wanted to think about future forms of communication, so we played around with feeding these telegram messages into an AI system (Chat GPT) as prompts to see what lyrics it relayed. Some of these we used in the track as well as working on some original lyrics as a group. For some of the rhythms you can hear we used morse code dots and dashes to create counter rhythms to the main beat and these can be heard in the background claps in the chorus. The song features beat-boxed drums, acoustic and electric guitar as well as two vocal parts.”

The finished song ‘Love will find a way’ is amazing and we hope you enjoy listening.

Tori Cannell from Trelya wrote:

“We recognise the power of enabling everyone’s creativity to flourish and deliver a range of high-end creative and arts-based projects across the year. We are delighted to be working with PK museum and Musician Matt Thomason and this group of talented young people, to compose a piece of music in response to their visit to the museum and the theme of play.”

PK Porthcurno would like to thank Tori Cannell and Matt Thomason, as well as the amazing group of young people for all their time and work on this project. 

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Let’s Play – Trelya took over PK!
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