Airymouse – A New Planet PK Exhibition

Airymouse – A New Planet PK Exhibition

Planet PK have partnered with the Mammal Society for a new exhibition which explores the fascinating world of PK Porthcurno’s batty friends. 

At PK Porthcurno, we love our chiropteran neighbours! A recent bat survey confirmed that we have a healthy bat population in Porthcurno including pipistrelles and even greater horseshoe bats, which are particularly rare in the UK.

Over the last century bat populations have decreased dramatically in the UK, so at PK Porthcurno we want to raise awareness of how to look after and encourage bats in your local area. Planet PK, the museum’s environmental programme, decided to dig deeper and find out more about these amazing creatures, which receive so much bad press.

‘Airymouse’ is the Cornish dialect for Bat. In this exhibition we share fascinating bat facts, explore ‘echolocation’ – bats’ unique method of communication, uncover the threats bats face from living near to us humans and what we can do to help these wonderful protected species.

Airymouse also features stunning bat photographs courtesy of exhibition partners the Mammal Society, a curated film of nocturnal bat footage from Devon Wildlife Trust and a stunning bat illustration by Cornish tattoo artist Dave Haddock.

Airymouse – A New Planet PK Exhibition
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