Countdown to Re-opening…

Things might have seemed quiet over the last few months, but the Collections Team and volunteers have been hard at work preparing for the re-opening of the museum on June 14th.

Volunteers have been supporting the work of collection’s staff in preparing display cases, moving and cleaning objects, and producing condition reports on each individual item.

Condition Report - examining the object
Condition report; examining the object

John Wallis has been volunteering with the museum for over a year based mainly in the archive search room. He has been researching the Cable and Wireless Engineering College which closed 1993 before the opening of the museum in the late 90’s. Putting his research on hold he has been assisting behind the scenes, swapping his computer and scanner for a brush and duster.

John Wallis Archive and Collections Volunteer
John Wallis; archive and collections volunteer

Tye Clarke joined the museum early this year and has been assisting with retrospective cataloguing and moving items between the tunnels, the main gallery and the collections store.  He has been putting his drawing skills to good use with his condition reports, and lovingly vacuuming our GPO motorcycle.

Tye Clarke Archive and Collections Volunteer
Tye Clark; archive and collections volunteer
Condition Report illustration and notation
Condition report
illustration and notation
Countdown to Re-opening…
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