Our guidebook, Changing Places, is available online

Our guidebook, Changing Places, is available online

“At every minute of the day and night Porthcurno is in communication with some portion of the Empire or the world at large; into the peaceful cove where the cables rise from the sea flow messages which have travelled thousands of miles under tropical oceans and across burning deserts.” 
1911, written when Porthcurno was the hub of Britain’s telecommunications network.

Our guidebook provides a comprehensive history of Porthcurno’s role in the communications revolution which began in 1870 when the first undersea telegraph cable was laid, and looks at how the uninhabited valley of Porthcurno became home to the largest telegraph station in the world, with a global network connecting the British Empire, that in its heyday, would have rivaled companies such as Google today. Learn about the technology, the people and the places that created this global cable network, and lay the path for communications of the future.

Our guidebook is available to buy in our shop, or online either through Amazon or Waterstones.

Changing Places won Best Booklet at the Holyer an Gof Publishers’ Awards. Author Steve Bladon (Visitor Services and Operations Manager, PK Porthcurno), said “A lot of work went into researching, writing and designing the guidebook, so we were delighted to hear that we had been nominated. To then come away with the award was fantastic, particularly given the standard of publications on the night”.

Our guidebook, Changing Places, is available online
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