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Museum of Global Communications

Museum of Global Communications

Discover a museum experience that explores the amazing story of our connected world, and how a tranquil valley in Cornwall became host to the past, present and future of worldwide communications.

What’s on at PK


Cornwall Heritage Expo

PK Porthcurno will be attending the EXPO Ertach Kernow | Cornwall Heritage Expo on Friday 29 September at Godolphin Count House.

Plan your visit

Make the most of your experience at PK Porthcurno with our handy guide. Find out opening times, how to find us and more.

The PK Experience

Explore the science that made global communications possible, from the first undersea telegraph cables brought ashore at Porthcurno 150 years ago to the fascinating world of fibre optics. Discover how today’s digital communications are changing the world forever.

Porthcurno Valley

Porthcurno, or ‘PK’ as it is known in telegraphic code, owes its unique heritage to the arrival of the first undersea telegraph cable in 1870. Learn more about PK’s extraordinary story and discover what else this amazing valley has to offer.





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